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Campinmygarden.com asked me to design and develop a site that both reflected the personality of their business and provides users a robust, simple and fun application to use.

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Aaron Russell

Who am I?

My name's Aaron Russell and I'm an experienced web developer based in Swindon, Wiltshire. I work with small businesses, creative agencies and freelance web designers to deliver powerful websites and applications.

Working with me you get over eight years' professional experience in marketing, design and web development. And that means you'll get a blend of skills delivering a website that will work harder to generate business.

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Recent writings…

Shit happens!

Every time I return from a several month long blogging hiatus, I usually have some kind of lame excuse about how busy I’ve been doing this, that or whatever. This time I think I might have a good excuse… Back in November last year, this happened: That is my house, and what the video doesn’t quite portray is the foul stench of the several inches of raw sewage...    Read more →

Why I joined App.net

When I first heard of Twitter (sometime in 2006), I instantly dismissed it as a complete waste of my time. I stubbornly held to that view for two years before eventually signing up and realising I’d been very wrong. When I first heard of App.net, again I instantly dismissed it. This time it’s taken me two months. I am now on App.net and this is why… Look at me! When I first c...    Read more →

Campinmygarden.com featured on BBC Click

I was delighted to discover that one of my client projects, Campinmygarden.com, was featured on BBC Click last weekend. I’ve been thrilled with the success of Campinmygarden.com — it really seems to have struck a chord with people. It’s also been featured on BBC Breakfast, Channel 4’s SuperScrimpers, as well as pretty much every national newspaper in Britain....    Read more →