Shit happens!

Every time I return from a several month long blogging hiatus, I usually have some kind of lame excuse about how busy I’ve been doing this, that or whatever. This time I think I might have a good excuse… Back in November last year, this happened: That is my house, and what the video doesn’t quite portray is the foul stench of the several inches of raw sewage...    Read more →

Why I joined

When I first heard of Twitter (sometime in 2006), I instantly dismissed it as a complete waste of my time. I stubbornly held to that view for two years before eventually signing up and realising I’d been very wrong. When I first heard of, again I instantly dismissed it. This time it’s taken me two months. I am now on and this is why… Look at me! When I first c...    Read more →

Introducing Bodybook, the fun way to get fit

Bodybook helps people get fit, have fun and do good at the same time. The last twelve months have been a blur. Since my last writings here I’ve bought and sold a house, moved to a new part of the country, I’ve started a new company, and in between all this I’ve been insanely busy with client projects. There’s one project that’s been keeping me particularly busy. Last Septembe...    Read more →

The end of time is nigh!

The end of time... [photo by Axel-D] So the big news this week is of course that the end of time is nigh. Our days are numbered and we’re all doomed! OK, so it’s a little less dramatic than that. The <time> element has been dropped from the HTML5 specification which has resulted in general uproar amongst web developers alike. I won’t pretend to be informed enough to of...    Read more →

Learning HTML and CSS is not that hard

OK, so the whole should designers develop debate is as old as the hills. It’s been doing the rounds again recently after Adobe Muse dropped in on us from 1999. In summary: Frank Chimero simply said “Learn code!” Andy Rutledge claimed that “a designer who does not write markup and css is not designing for the web, but drawing pictures”. Davide Casali pleads for the debat...    Read more →

There's many ways to skin a website

There’s an old saying that you’ve probably heard of that goes “there’s many ways to skin a cat”. I’m not sure where the phrase originated, but I imagine a time where cat skinning professionals across the world discussed and debated techniques, best practice, process and theory, in search for a zen-like, ultimate, optimum way to skin a cat. I propose that we update the saying fo...    Read more →