Introducing Bodybook, the fun way to get fit

Bodybook helps people get fit, have fun and do good at the same time.

The last twelve months have been a blur. Since my last writings here I’ve bought and sold a house, moved to a new part of the country, I’ve started a new company, and in between all this I’ve been insanely busy with client projects.

There’s one project that’s been keeping me particularly busy. Last September I joined up with a small, talented team to build an ambitious new fitness application.

Bodybook, which recently launched in alpha, has a simple aim: to help people get fit, have fun and do good at the same time. Players participate in activities and fitness challenges which are fun, engaging and social. Players then earn and collect stickers for completing those challenges.

Bodybook is currently in open alpha, so head over to sign up now. It’s early days yet and there’s still plenty more to come. Over the last couple of months, myself and the team have been working hard on some as yet unreleased new features that are really going to take Bodybook to the next level. It would be wrong of me to spill the beans on this blog, so all I’ll say is Bodybook is certainly one to keep an eye on!

For me personally though, I’ve now committed my last line of code for Bodybook. I’m now moving on to focus on some new ventures, details of which I’ll save for another day. For now though, I wish to extend my best wishes to all at Bodybook. I know I’m leaving a great team behind me and I have high hopes for the future. You can find out more about the project in my portfolio.