Learning HTML and CSS is not that hard

OK, so the whole should designers develop debate is as old as the hills. It’s been doing the rounds again recently after Adobe Muse dropped in on us from 1999.

In summary:

In fact, Dimtry’s post is a lengthy, detailed and excellent one. He explains why this debate is not quite as black and white as people think, and goes on to argue that learning HTML and CSS represents an ever increasing advantage to a modern day web designer.

Multi-talented bastards

As someone who is most definitely a designer who develops, or a developer who designs (I’m not sure if there is a difference), you know which side of the fence I sit on.

Without wishing to belittle any front end developers, let me say this: Learning HTML and CSS is not hard! Don’t get me wrong, it’s a skill set that takes a career to master, but it doesn’t take long to get on that path. And surely being somewhere between novice and expert is better than being clueless?

With the ever increasing prominence of HTML5 and CSS3, the huge impact that responsive web design has had, and modern design processes that involve rapid prototyping and “designing in the browser”, I can’t help feeling that if you’re a designer of websites, not only can you benefit from learning HTML and CSS, but you’d be daft not to.