The end of time is nigh!

The end of time
The end of time... [photo by Axel-D]

So the big news this week is of course that the end of time is nigh. Our days are numbered and we’re all doomed!

OK, so it’s a little less dramatic than that. The <time> element has been dropped from the HTML5 specification which has resulted in general uproar amongst web developers alike.

I won’t pretend to be informed enough to offer a view on the pros and cons surrounding, what appears to be, one single person’s decision to drop it. I won’t claim to know any better than, what appears to be, every single other person in the world’s view, that this is a bad idea.

What I do know is that I’ve been slipping <time> into my work for the best part of 12 months. I’ve been merrily going along, semantically describing times and dates, in the belief that I’m future-proofing my work and pushing and advocating this great thing called HTML5 which is undoubtedly a huge step forward for everyone that works on the web.

In reality, I’ve been living life on the bleeding edge and I’ve just found out what can happen when you do that.

That I have released a few sites into the wild that use an HTML element that no longer exists is clearly not the end of the world. However, next time I’m in a such a position I may well be better advised to take a more conservative approach to how I build my websites.

That, makes me a little bit sad.


As Tim points out, a day is long time in the HTML5 soap opera. I’m now slightly less sad.