How to achieve cross-browser RGBA support with Compass

Cross-browser RGBA support has long been one of those web design holy-grails, more often than not resulting in our old friend Internet Explorer frustrating us yet again. Last week I released a Compass plugin that makes wild promises - actual cross browser RGBA support! Well, sort of… Of course the plugin doesn’t miraculously fix a broken browser, but it does use a well documen...    Read more →

HTML5 is the new Web 2.0

Excuse me whilst I blow the dust off my blogging keyboard. It’s a been a while… Last Friday I couldn’t help noticing many of the people I follow on Twitter having a good old grumble about Apple’s recently published HTML5 showcase page. The main gripe surrounds Apple’s claim that the page is a showcase of modern web standards, yet at the same time uses browser sniffing to det...    Read more →

jQuery Plugin released: Simply Smart Login Fields

Today I released a new jQuery plugin called Simply Smart Login Fields. It’s actually not that smart, in fact it’s really plain simple. It’s a plugin for adding default values to login form fields. Adding default values to form fields can be useful in situations where the design doesn’t allow for a text label - for example when the login form is tucked neatly up in the top cor...    Read more →

Jerry Springer presents: The ExpressionEngine Matrix showdown

What can only be described as an ee-shit-storm kicked off today, when an ExpressionEngine developer called Alex Gordon released a forked version of the popular EE extension, FF Matrix. Forking of open source software is normal. In fact, the open source scene relies on the self-perpetuating effect of contributors forking, modifying and enhancing software all for the greater good...    Read more →

What do you think of the IE9 platform preview?

Yesterday Microsoft released to the world a platform preview of IE9. I’m sure you’ve read all about it by now, so what do we all think? It’s important to understand first off that what Microsoft released yesterday is not an early release of IE9. It’s not really a browser in any way, shape or form. It’s a platform preview purely to show off a few HTML5 JavaScript APIs, some SVG ...    Read more →

Bringing order to the HTML form

Last week I asked the question on Twitter, “What HTML element do you use for each line of a form? P, DIV, or something else?” Normally this is the kind of conversation I like to keep well out of. Experience tells me that some people get a bit too passionate for their own health when talking about markup and semantics. I don’t see myself as a member of the markup police and rea...    Read more →