13 logos without moving a muscle

Inspired by David’s 33 logos in 33 minutes, I grabbed my camera looking for logos. Overwhelmed by the sheer volume of brands that bombarded me, I took the lazy approach and completed this post without shifting my backside away from my desk.

JBL speakers

Pentax battery charger

Apple Mac OS-X

Logitech webcam

Dell monitor

Siemens phone

Bic biro

Adobe Creative Suite

Nokia N95 mobile phone

Google mouse mat

Kensington USB hub

Texas Instruments calculator

Epson printer

And just to prove I really didn’t have to go very far to complete this post, here is my desk where all these logos can be found (although some camouflaged amongst the clutter and untidiness).

Very untidy desk

Thanks to Jane for inspiring a lot of people to have fun with brands:

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