Explaining Twitter to the mainstream

In the last couple of weeks Twitter has been making a lot of noise in the mainstream - at least here in the UK it has. First of all it was heavily featured on BBC news programmes and on their website. Then there was that interview between @wossy and @stephenfry on the Jonathon Ross show. And since then some of my non-techie offline friends have slowly begun following me on Twitter.

As exciting as it is to see real friends beginning to use Twitter, the excitement is usually short lived when I check them out to find they haven’t posted a single thing yet.

It took me a year of dismissing Twitter as an utter waste of time before I saw the light and started using it. I’m glad I did, but I fear some of my friends with less nerdy tendencies than myself may well give up long before then.

So, to the point of this post: three links to three great articles that will pique your interest in Twitter, explain why so many people find it so inspirational, and a few tips on how to use (or not to use) Twitter:

Elliot Jay Stock

Elliot Jay-Stocks: A blessay about Twitter - Elliot superbly and eloquently describes what Twitter is to him by breaking it in to 5 things and successfully captures the very essence of what Twitter is to all it’s users. If you don’t get Twitter then read this now!


Wisdump: The inspiration that is Twitter - Sophie Lucero marvels at the many weird and wonderful innovations that Twitter has spawned, including a system that allows your plants to Tweet you when they need watering! If this doesn’t get you excited about Twitter then maybe nothing will.

Sam Brown

Sam Brown: 7 ways to stop alienating your Twitter followers - OK, so you’ve read the first two links, you’ve signed up for a Twitter account and you’ve just posted your first update about how “you’re heading to the bathroom for your daily business”. Stop there friend, and please read this first.

Is Twitter going mainstream?

I’d be fascinated to know if you too are seeing an increase in your non-nerd offline line friends and family signing up to Twitter? But more to the point, are they using it?