featured on BBC Click

I was delighted to discover that one of my client projects,, was featured on BBC Click last weekend.

I’ve been thrilled with the success of — it really seems to have struck a chord with people. It’s also been featured on BBC Breakfast, Channel 4’s SuperScrimpers, as well as pretty much every national newspaper in Britain.

Seeing as summer looks like it’s finally arriving in Britain, why not give it a go?

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Start learning CoffeeScript for free with Code School

A sip of CoffeeScript

As you know, I love CoffeeScript. Of all the technologies on that rapidly growing must-get-round-to-learning-sometime pile, I’d certainly recommend putting CoffeeScript towards the top.

Well, guess what? Code School are offering the first level of their CoffeeScript course free of charge. It’s a very brief introduction but well-worth watching and whetting your appetite for more.

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If you teach kids Microsoft Office

If you teach kids Microsoft Office in school in computing studies, don’t be surprised if your high-tech workforce ends up being secretaries.

Aral Balkan, 4 August 2011

I couldn’t agree more with the sentiment of this tweet by Aral. And I’m disappointed to see the nature of ITC teaching in this country hasn’t changed one iota from when I was at school. Last century.

Geek Karting: Challenge accepted

Geek Karting
Geek Karting. It's karting. For geeks.

A pleasant surprise landed in my Twitter stream today. This lucky git has only gone and won tickets to Geek Karting this Friday! To any fellow geeks contending, I look forward to meeting you. See you at the finish line!

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Nizo for iPhone

Nizo for iPhone
Scroll down and go "whoooo".

I’m not sure the world needs many more 8mm-retro-cinefilm type iPhone apps, but the web could certainly do with more examples like this teaser page for the forthcoming Nizo for iPhone app.

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HTML wheels of steel

Actual Technics 1210s, in actual HTML and JavaScript
Actual Technics 1210s, in actual HTML and JavaScript

A faithfully recreated pair of Technics 1210s in HTML, CSS, JavaScript (and a tiny bit of Flash). Simply, mind-blowingly, fantastic! Also make sure you check out Scott Schiller’s very (very) detailed writeup on why and how and why he created his homeage to turntables.

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