Bodybook web application

Bodybook's aim is a noble one: to help people get fit, have fun and do good at the same time. I was involved heavily in this ambitious project from it's initial conception through to launch.

Working with a truly international team of designers and developers spread across different timezones, we applied agile methodologies and processes to our workflow. Regular structured communication was essential so all teammates could grasp this rapidly evolving project.

I took the technical lead of the project, responsible for both the front and back-end development, and ensuring deployments were made to a solid and scalable infrastructure.

The application was developed using Ruby on Rails and deployed to Heroku. Heavy use of Backbone.js was made for some of the more interactive areas of the UI. Rspec and Cucumber were used as part of a BDD approach woven deep into the team's processes.

Bodybook helps people get fit, have fun and do good at the same time.
Users earn and collect stickers for completing challenges in various activities.
Players monitor and track their progress through charts and statistics.
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