Camp in my Garden application

Every once in a while someone approaches me with an idea that is so brilliant I simply can't refuse. is one such idea.

I was asked to help turn the seeds of an idea into a reality. It was necessary to involve myself deeply in the project right from the outset, and I was instrumental in turning the loose ideas that had been discussed into a technical and functional specification.

Once this had been agreed, I set to work designing the application through wireframes and prototypes right through to full-blown visuals and HTML builds.

The application itself is built using the Ruby on Rails web application framework. Much of the application involves using maps so there was extensive and advanced use of the Google Maps API.

The launch of has been tremendously successful, with many mainstream media outlets picking up on the launch, including The Guardian, The Metro and the BBC.

I am delighted with the website that Aaron built for It looks brilliant, is user friendly and people love it. I am really happy that I chose Aaron to work with on this project.

Vicky Webbon, Owner brings to the market a truly unique proposal.
Find nearby places to stay when attending popular events.
The application makes extensive use of the Google Maps API.
Users can list their own properties as garden campsites.
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