ClubBuzz website redesign

Two years after I designed the first ClubBuzz sales website, it was time to update the website so it better reflected the product on offer today, and to give the site a fresh lick of paint and bring it up to date with a contemporary design.

The redesign was an evolution of the previous site that maintained the fun and informal style of the ClubBuzz brand. A wider flexible grid was applied so the design could take advantage of more space and add more breathing room to the various elements of each page.

The site is a small Sinatra application that interfaces with the main ClubBuzz application via a small API.

An ultimate professional, ClubBuzz has truly benefited from our relationship with Aaron. We are delighted with the final results.

Sarah Sedgwick, Managing Director

The ClubBuzz homepage… or part of it.
The new pricing page includes an interactive toggle to show "lite" plan prices.
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